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It is good that that this film's premise is for four differently confugured feathers for one rotation of Earth. But this movie is nothing but mindless indoctrination, equating to cannibalism of children.

Firstly, Heath Ledger is obviously ignorant of TIME CUBE. He is seen several times associating with Arabs. This is highly stupid & evil. White + Black = Racial slop bucket. For cubic harmony, he should have stayed in wog-land where he belongs.

You can almost see him sitting down to a nice, hot, freshly roasted meal of your children with a side of rape. It's that bad.

For another thing, people are always praying for God to help them. But Heath, how can God possibly help you, when He is too busy eating your children and indoctrinating you with filthy lies about His existance?

What, are you going to worship a talking dog next? You may as well.

Throughout this film, I noted that there was not even a single reference to TIME CUBE. Oops, I'd say that's exactly the kind of irrefutable proof we need that the media is deliberately ignoring TIME CUBE in an effort to keep control over the masses.

Heath Ledger, Kate Hudson